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Drought Map SD NE IA

This map shows the drought conditions of Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota as of July 27. Northwestern Iowa is an area of special concern in drought conditions, as aquifers are shallow and alternative water sources are few. 

DES MOINES | A swathe of Iowa land, stretching from Lyon county in the northeast corner to Lee county in the far southeast, is currently in a state of moderate drought, according to a press release from the state Department of Natural Resources. 

Woodbury County is one of the counties on the edge of the drought area, with the majority of the county facing abnormally dry conditions, and the northern edge in moderate drought. 

Northwestern Iowa, according to the release, is especially sensitive to drought because of shallow aquifers, and limited alternative water sources. A meeting was held in Cherokee on July 31 to address the increasing concern. 

A chunk of land in the southern part of the state is currently in a state of severe drought as well. 


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