Marriage certificate - rings

Marriage licenses issued recently in Woodbury County:

Eric Wilson Logan, 52, Sioux City; Cui Bai, 50, Iowa

Johnie Henry Herren, 67, Sioux City; Laurna Edaine Witt, 56, Sioux City

David John Newbrough, 57, Sioux City; Aimee Susanne Speck, 49, Sioux City

Casey James Chester, 24, Sioux City; Lea Shaye Rose Armstrong, 21, Sioux City

Michael Alan Morse, 29, Sioux City; Shaley Ann McDermott, 23, Sioux City

Joao Paulo Moreira, 25, Sioux City; Milena Santos Rodriguez Da Silva, 20, Sioux City

Luke Douglas Sweeney, 32, Sioux City; Natalie Jo Weber, 28, Sioux City

Rodney John Martin, 71, Sioux City; Phyllis Jean Green, 63, Sioux City

Travis Eugene Gitchel, 39, Sioux City; Anjelica Mae Ostermeyer, 31, Sioux City

Taylor John Lambert, 24, Overland Park, Kansas; Courtney Marie Mollet, 24, Overland Park

Timothy Allan Kutchera, 54, Chandler, Arizona; Ann Marie Levy, 55, Chandler

Austin Cole Hazard, 22, Iowa; Kayla May Morgan, 22, Iowa

Kerry Alan Barrett, 53, Sioux City; Toni Marie Haefs, 43, Sioux City

Andrew Richard Schmidt, 31, Sioux City; Kayla Dawn Caravan, 31, Sioux City

Andrew David Carson, 23, Kansas City, Missouri; Mikayla Ann Davis, 23, Kansas City

Jordan Mychael Snodgrass, 28, Sioux City; Caroline Mae Menard, 27, Sioux City

Ryan James DeLaRoi, 43, Sergeant Bluff; Mandy Marie White, 43, Sergeant Bluff

Logan Tyler English, 24, Sioux City; Shelby Ann Towner, 22, Sioux City

Brian Lawrence Cole, 41, Sioux City; Emily Marie Cox, 31, Sioux City

Samuel Edward Homan, 25, Sioux City; Brianna May Norris, 21, Sioux City

Michael John Searls, 25, Salix, Iowa; Danielle Nicole Folsom, 25, Salix

Jared Philip Arthur Schramm, 29, Moville, Iowa; Kelsey Rae Sands, 24, Moville

Blake Thomas Lewis, 25, North Sioux City; Shay Marie Buysse, 24, North Sioux City

Jacob Douglas Beauchene, 24, Iowa; Molly Jean McInnis, 22, Iowa

Matthew Joseph Yusten, 36, Sioux City; Jennifer Marie Beuzekom, 40, Sioux City

Philip George Bennett, 38, Sioux Falls; Melissa Marie Price, 40, Sioux City

Kenneth Dean Hutchinson, 61, Sioux City; Diane Rae Sexton, 55, Sioux City

Joseph Michael Mehlhaff, 32, Moville; Paige Michelle Pedersen, 27, Moville

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