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Big Soo

Big Soo Terminal, 4101 Harbor Drive, has been cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration following an investigation into a worker's death there in March. The three serious citations total more than $26,000 in penalties. 

SIOUX CITY -- The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited Big Soo Terminal following an investigation into a March 28 rail switching yard incident that killed an employee. 

Iowa's OSHA office found a trio of serious violations totaling $26,190 in fines after probing the circumstances that led to the incident in which 42-year-old Brian McCormick, a warehouseman and maintenance technician, sustained fatal injuries while working at the facility, 4101 Harbor Drive.

According to the Sioux City Police Department, McCormick was engaged in a switching operation with train cars when he was struck and killed by an unmanned rail car. 

The citations, which were issued by Iowa OSHA in mid-July, allege that:

--Employees were on the rail car platform operating the soft brake as rail cars were moving, which resulted in an employee falling off the rail car platform.

--Employees were moving the rail cars with the bucket of a pay loader, causing the cars to become uncontrolled and collide with a set of stationary rail cars, which resulted in the employee falling off the platform and sustaining fatal injuries after being struck by the moving rail car. 

--The employer did not provide a derailer or bump block for rail cars, which resulted in the uncontrolled rail cars crashing into a set of stationary rail cars. 

Doug Palmer, president of Big Soo Terminal, said Friday that the company had met with OSHA on Monday to discuss steps moving forward. 

"We presented a plan for making some changes in our facility, and we're looking forward to implementing this plan and making sure we're as safe as we possibly can be," he said. 

The case status is pending the abatement of the violations and payment of penalties. 

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