Area Flooding

RANDOLPH, Neb. -- An evacuation in the small town of Randolph ended Wednesday evening as floodwaters began to recede. 

Residents of low-lying areas of Randolph were evacuated mid-day Wednesday and asked to report to the Randolph City Auditorium, as flood waters struck much of northeast Nebraska, northwest Iowa and southeast South Dakota.

Cedar County Emergency Management Director Kevin Garvin said the water began to subside to some degree and people were allowed to return to their homes the same day. 

"The water level receded last evening, and it got to a level where it was safe to allow the residents back home," Garvin said. "(Randolph officials) felt safe allowing the residents back to their homes." 

Garvin said crews from the Nebraska Department of Roads had been "working feverishly" to get the highways back up and running in the county and to get rid of the roadway water. 

County roads in Cedar County, meanwhile, "are in tough shape," Garvin said. Travel on rural roads is discouraged in the county.  

"They're really encouraging people to avoid the county roads if at all possible until they can figure out where all the damage is," he said. 

Damage is likely to be especially severe on gravel roads. Garvin said approaches to bridges are of particular concern, as they could already be washed out even as water continues to flow over the road. 

"We had a lot of reports of water over the road, water over the top of bridges," he said. 

Correction: An earlier version of this article appearing online contained an error in Kevin Garvin's name. 

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