Moville flooding

The West Fork of the Little Sioux River is shown out of its banks north of Moville, Iowa, on March 14. Siouxland communities that experienced flooding last month are bracing for possibly more high water as upstream rivers swell with runoff from snowfall and rain last week.

HAWARDEN, Iowa -- With the ground having thawed since much of the region flooded in mid-March, a much-less-aggressive sort of flooding is expected in some communities in the coming days, following last week's snow and rainfall. 

Numerous Northwest Iowa communities -- including Cherokee, Spencer, Rock Rapids, Akron, Hawarden, Linn Grove and others -- are under flood warnings from the National Weather Service through at least the early part of the week, or longer.

The Little Sioux, Big Sioux, Rock and Ocheyedan rivers that run near those communities will be -- or already are -- under a minor or moderate stage of flooding. Many of them are expected to crest between Monday and Wednesday. 

Here, from the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls, is a breakdown of what's expected:

Little Sioux River, Cherokee

At Cherokee, the Little Sioux River is expected to crest at 17.2 feet, just above minor flood stage, Monday night, before falling back to action stage (below flooding) over the following days.

Minor lowland flooding is possible at that level. 

Big Sioux River, Hawarden

Above Hawarden, the Big Sioux River has bounced between minor, moderate and major flood stages over the past week. It is currently projected to remain in moderate flood stage for the coming week, and will crest at 26.7 feet in the early hours of Friday morning. 

At that level, farmland on the South Dakota side of the river could flood, as could South Dakota Highway 46. Some farm houses on the South Dakota side of the river may be isolated by high water. 

Big Sioux River, Akron

The Big Sioux River at Akron has been at moderate flood stage for more than a week, and will remain there at least through next week. It will crest at 19.4 feet Friday night. 

At that level, as much as 6,500 acres of farmland in the area would be expected to be underwater, farm levees could be overtopped and some farm houses could see flooding. 

Little Sioux River, Spencer

At Spencer, the Little Sioux River will remain in minor flood stage through at least the coming week. The river is expected to crest at 12.5 feet Tuesday night. 

At that level, minor flooding of the Spencer city park and some agricultural land is anticipated. 

Ocheyedan River, Spencer

The Ocheyedan River near Spencer has oscillated between minor flood stage and non-flood stage over the past week. Currently in minor flood stage, the river won't drop below flood stage until Saturday. 

It is expected to crest at 9.3 feet Tuesday. 

At that level, some degree of pasture and ditch flooding is expected. 

Rock River, Rock Rapids

At Rock Rapids, the Rock River will crest at 14.1 feet Wednesday morning before falling to below flood stage over the following days. Minor flood stage begins at 13 feet. 

At that level, the lower banks on the left side of the river can experience flooding. 

Little Sioux River, Milford

Near Milford, the Little Sioux River has been in minor flood stage for the past week. It is expected to climb to moderate flood stage Monday, and crest at 14.8 feet Tuesday night. 

At that level, significant flooding of pasture and farmland is possible, and water can reach the road on 190th Avenue near 240th Street.

Little Sioux River, Linn Grove

The Little Sioux River at Linn Grove has been at minor flood stage for the past week, and is expected to remain there for the coming week. It will crest at 18.9 feet Friday morning. 

At that level, the city park in Sioux Rapids could flood, and flooding would begin to impact farmland. 

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