Haskell Avenue Bridge

Weeds grow out of the pavement in front of a closed bridge on Haskell Avenue between County Road K64 and State Highway 140 located north of Moville, Iowa. The bridge was closed after being damaged from flooding in 2014 and 2016.

SIOUX CITY -- By fall, a new bridge should span the Haskell Avenue void that lies over a creek running on the north edge of Moville, Iowa.

The Woodbury County Board of Supervisors in a Tuesday meeting took the final procedural step to ensure a replacement bridge will be built this year, after floods made the old one unsafe. The supervisors unanimously approved the $620,680 contract with Graves Construction, of Spencer, Iowa, after a bid from that firm had been picked in a May meeting.

The contract says the concrete beam bridge project must be started by early September, and with an 80-day deadline, it would be completed by November at the latest.

The bid was lower of two placed by Siouxland businesses for the work. County Engineer Mark Nahra said had been previously estimated the cost from $650,000 to $700,000. The other bid was $636,278 from Dixon Construction in Correctionville, Iowa.

No switch: Woodbury County bridge stays priority in Moville area

In January, Board Chairman Keith Radig contended the money would be better spent on frontage road improvements one mile south in Moville, to boost business prospects, but the other four supervisors said the Haskell bridge project should stay on track.

The bridge took hits in two severe water events from McElhany Creek between 2014 and 2017. The structure has been removed and the bridge area is barricaded. Only one farmhouse lies on that span of Haskell Avenue.

Rural Moville residents in county meetings since 2017 have cited the necessity of replacing the bridge. Many Moville residents used Haskell Avenue as the quicker way to reach County Road K-64 to the north than going via Iowa Highway 140. Those three roads essentially form a triangle, with Haskell as the shorter option than Highway 140.

Radig said keeping Haskell closed would mean a drive of 780 yards further, something that might cost drivers a minute of time.

Moville area farmers such as Denny Rumohr have said a key point is that the intersection of K-64 and Highway 140 is unsafe. A 2017 Journal article compiled government sources and statistics, showing only one wreck had been reported in 17 years at the intersection.

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