Bicycle helmet safety

Sioux City Police Department Chief Rex Mueller is shown in a department Twitter photo with personnel from Dairy Queen and Opportunities Unlimited in announcing the You've Been Ticketed partnership on Friday, June 8, 2019.

SIOUX CITY -- The Sioux City Police Department on Friday renewed a summer bicycle safety and brain injury prevention awareness program that rewards children seen wearing bicycle helmets with free ice cream treats.

Now in the fifth year of the program, children who wear helmets while biking will receive a "ticket" for a free cold treat from Dairy Queen. 

The rewards are part of the You've Been Ticketed initiative by Opportunities Unlimited, DQ and the police department to educate and encourage children to take proper safety precautions while cycling. 

Police officers and volunteers will hand out the tickets over the summer. The program is an extension of Opportunities Unlimited's brain injury prevention program called "Gotta Brain ... Getta Helmet," which seeks to equip and educate children to protect themselves. 

Police are looking for volunteer "trailblazers" to assist by riding trails and handing out tickets. There are 10 mountain bikes available to ride when helping carry out You've Been Ticketed, and those interested may call 712-279-6424.

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