SIOUX CITY | As far as weather forecasts go, it doesn't get much better than what Sioux City should see this week.

"There's no weather to speak of, and that's the case for the rest of the week. It just looks like a beautiful late summer, early fall week," said Mike Gillispie, a hydrologist at the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls.

It will be a little breezy today with winds gusting out of the north and northwest at 25-30 mph, but skies will be mostly clear with a high temperature at 70 degrees.

Wednesday morning will start on the chilly side, with temperatures dipping to the low 40s before warming up to 70. Then a warmup the rest of the week will see temperatures climb into the upper 70s on Thursday and hit 80 on Friday and Saturday. Lows will be in the 50s.

Gillispie said the mostly sunny skies will be on hand all week, with no rain at least through Tuesday.

Siouxlanders may see some haze caused by smoke from wildfires in Montana, he said.

Monday's skies were noticeably smoky, but winds in the upper atmosphere have shifted and will keep the smoke out of Siouxland Tuesday, Gillispie said. It's possible that the smoke could be noticed later in the week, depending on the direction those upper-atmosphere winds blow, he said.