SIOUX CITY | New Year's Eve temperatures in Siouxland will be quite a ways below zero. 

Andrew Kalin, a meteorologist with the Sioux Falls National Weather Service, said there's really only one way to describe the coming weather. 

"In one word, cold," Kalin said. "And that's really the big story. Highs will be below zero."

Sunday's high temperature will be -7, and the overnight low Sunday night will be -23 degrees.

Which would be balmy if not for the wind chill -- that alone will drop the mercury down to -35 or -40. 

Wind speeds aren't actually going to be high, Kalin said -- probably only five or 10 miles per hour. 

"With temperatures that cold, it doesn't take much of a wind" to cause temps to drop, he said. "Doesn't take much of a breeze to cause an issue." 

On Monday, the high temperature will be -1, with an overnight low of -17. On Tuesday, temperatures will rebound a bit, with highs in the teens. 

"I guess a little mini-heat wave," Kalin said. 

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