SIOUX CITY | A new video tour could soon showcase Woodbury County's highlights, if county officials approve a proposed agreement with a production company.

The Woodbury County Board of Supervisors discussed an agreement Tuesday that would commission CGI Communications, based in Rochester, N.Y., to produce the videos at no cost to the county.

"Essentially, CGI proposes to come to Woodbury County to film and produce a series of six, one-minute promotional videos that we can use to highlight the county's quality of life," said Dawn Norton, a clerk with the Department of Rural Economic Development.

CGI has produced similar videos for over 300 counties in the United States. They consist of several short segments that each highlight a different area of the community.

"I've looked at some of the videos, and they're produced really, really well," Norton said.

She said the video could entice prospective residents and possible corporate projects to the area.

Under the agreement, the county wouldn't have to pay CGI for the production costs. Instead, the company would sell sponsorships to local businesses.

These sponsorships will run between $1,000 and $3,000. Depending on how much they spend, sponsors can get their business logo displayed in the video, or have CGI produce a promotional video for them.

"CGI is responsible for the sponsorships," Norton said. "We don't have to sell anything."

Board members said they were open to the possibility, but wanted to more closely examine the contract before any decision is made.

"I would say let our attorney take a look at it a little more closely and then come back with a recommendation next week," said County Board Chairman George Boykin, of Sioux City.

If approved, Norton said, production would begin before fall and the videos would be available shortly after.