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Cheetah Nurses Her Newborn Cubs at Australian Safari Park

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Montaro Safari Park in South Australia is celebrating the birth of two cheetah cubs. The park released footage on March 3 showing the cheetah mother nursing the two newborns. Nine-year-old Kesho gave birth for the third time to two cubs Thursday, Feb. 24, the park said. The park reported that the cheetah mother has been very loving and attentive to her spotty cubs, who have been seen rolling around and cuddling together via a den cam. Keeper Michelle Lloyd said the team were overjoyed with the news. “It is so special for us to welcome cheetah cubs, particularly because they are so vulnerable to extinction,” she said. “Every birth is hugely significant and gives hope for the species and their conservation in the wild," she added. Cheetahs have a classification of vulnerable to extinction from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) with only an estimated 6,600 individuals remaining in eastern and south-western Africa. They are at risk from habitat loss and wildlife hunters, Monarto Safari Park said.


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