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    Sergeant Road and Sunnybrook Drive: A perfect intersection for Sioux City's first traffic roundabout.

      Nice story on the pothole at the tracks. Now if this city would actually use the high tax money collected and fix the rest of the holes and ac…

        The Rio Grande River is about 889 miles long and comprises about 45 percent of the border with Mexico. How do you build a wall in a river? The…

          POTUS wants a wall to keep out ISIS terrorists, yet he is withdrawing from Syria because we have defeated ISIS. Can't have it both ways. Does …

            I don't always agree with the Sioux City Journal Editorial Board, but their Thanksgiving Day opinion nailed it. Thank you.

              I want to see Donald Trump's birth certificate to make sure he was not born in a bar, because he sure is spewing a lot of bar talk.

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