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    Recently, the House of Representatives passed a health care bill that lists individuals with Down Syndrome as having a pre-existing condition. I am a father to a young man with Down Syndrome and I am writing this not to make a political statement, but to hopefully help with the understanding…

      I would like to thank the farmers of the tri-state area and across America for all their hard work. Now that planting season is in full swing, let's please be patient with them on the roads and byways, as they are doing what they do to feed us and the world.

        Tell the Senate "no" to the health care bill. Email, call, or post however you can. In the House, King, Noem, Smith and Fortenberry voted "yes" as they folded to party lines.

          I see former President Obama made a public announcement that he and Michelle promise to donate $2 million to a charity of their choice. Personally, I commend them for their generosity. However, the political side of me wonders why he doesn't honor his "patriotic duty" and simply send it to t…

            Iowans take pride in showing respect and kindness to everyone. I always hear from out-of-staters how everyone is “Iowa nice.” Whether it’s at a tailgate in Ames or a convention in Des Moines, our reputation is built and sustained on civility.

              Why is it taking Congress so long to take care of the health care issue? We citizens have done our part and made our wants very simple. Only two needs must be met: We want the best health care on the face of the Earth and we don't want to pay for it. Come on, Congress, do your job.

                In a few weeks our City Council will vote on the sale of land and a development agreement for the proposed hotel adjacent to the Sioux City Convention Center. The proposed hotel would be part of a state economic redevelopment district program that would allow the city to capture $14 million …

                Wyoming has pushed to the front of efforts to prohibit the most common type of abortion with the nation's first explicit ban on abortion pills. In many states women can now get abortion pills prescribed online and delivered to be taken at home. Increased availability has helped pill abortions now account for more than half of abortions in the U.S. Yet while many states effectively ban abortion pills by prohibiting abortion, none had taken direct aim at abortion laws before Wyoming. The bill passed alongside a new, sweeping abortion ban and observers say both measures are likely to be challenged in court.


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