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LETTER: Each generation must do its part

LETTER: Each generation must do its part

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What are the reasons we look up to past presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln?

Washington was the man his generation most trusted. He wasn’t in it for himself, but for what was good for our nation. He set a high standard for all future leaders.

Jefferson’s authorship of the Declaration of Independence set forth a vision for our nation and for humanity. You can’t go to the Jefferson Memorial in Washington and read the words carved into the walls of the memorial without it having a profound impact that generates pride in what our nation is all about.

Lincoln took on what was the unsolvable problem of slavery - the ugly stain woven into the otherwise beautiful tapestry of our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, our commitment to the dignity and value of all lives regardless of ethnic origin, of religion, and now color, or any form of harmful discrimination.

These three men set the standard and direction for our nation and for us as a people as we continually reach for the best within us for the common good of all. Each generation must pick up this task as their own, further developing our humanity and extending the rights of those treated unjustly.

The rights of women to fair and equal pay and treatment throughout our society is simply one of the tasks of our generation, as is confronting any form of injustice and discrimination. This task isn’t easy, but it is what we must do. - Jerry Eaton, Sioux City


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