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What made it through the 'funnel'?

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Here is a status report of legislative action of selected 2012 issues

Still Alive:

Reform education system

Reform/redesign county mental health system

Provide property tax reform/relief

Ban traffic enforcement cameras

Provide flood mitigation state cost share money

Increase the state gas tax 8-10 cents a gallon

Give "whistleblower" protection in child sexual abuse cases

Expand "move over" traffic safety law

Establish "duty to assist" responsibility for emergencies/accidents

Expand DNA profiling to some aggravated misdemeanor convictions

Create crime of soliciting to commit murder

Extend statute of limitation for sex abuse of minors by 10 years

Mandate reporting of school employee misconduct

Reform tax increment financing (TIF) provisions

Allow bars/restaurants more latitude with infused drinks

Extend jobless benefits in self-employment situations

Bar discrimination of unemployed in job postings

Allow stillborn birth/death certificates

Expand prosecution for obscene materials

Exempt liability for trespasser injuries

Implement more government efficiency/savings measures

Begin state regulation of online poker

Fund expanded worker training/tuition assistance

Notify care facility residents of sex offenders

Require job impact statement with new state rules

Nullify dove-hunting rule banning lead shot

Raise the state's earned income tax credit

Expand law officers' GPS tracking authority

Allow certain drivers to renew their licenses online

Toughen penalties for illegally passing a school bus

Resume regular state inspections of care facilities

Allow use of justifiable reasonable force

Create state tax credit reporting/tracking system

Make changes to Iowa's child abuse registry

Allow white emergency flashing vehicle lights for certain health-care professionals

Extend state livestock regulations to fish farms

Bolster protections for bald eagles

Strike Iowa code references to medical marijuana

Approve state tax rebate for "Field of Dreams" project

Allow local pre-emption of state gun laws for certain public buildings

License naturopathic medicine

Create statewide health information network

Incent business to sell company to Iowa-based ESOP

Reduce business' "introductory rate" for unemployment taxes

Encourage businesses that supply anchor manufacturers

Amend Constitution with balanced budget/taxpayers trust fund resolution

Curb frivolous lawsuits that bankrupt businesses

Make changes to campaign finance laws

Base rental occupancy on square footage not familial relationships

Require photo identification to vote

Formalize process for law enforcement use of global positioning system devices

Require Expand student permit to trips from school to either parent's home

Lower penalty for unlawful fireworks use in state parks

Modernize Iowa Code by removing "mental retardation" references

Allow 100 percent tax write-off for donations to Iowa Innovation Fund

Strengthen state requirements on commercial dog breeders

Allow private investigator/security officer to carry weapon on school grounds

No longer viable

Reinstate limited death penalty

Require motorcycle helmets for minors

Bar full-body scanners at Iowa airports

Raise state's minimum wage

Create medical marijuana dispensaries

Repeal road use tax fund by July 2015

End public employee collective bargaining

Raise driver's permit issuance to age 16 years

Strike mourning dove hunting season

Change criminal penalties for HIV transmission

Abolish Iowa Department of Education

Expand 14-day newborn safe haven law to one year

Change Iowa's 1851 fence law

End dog racing at state-licensed greyhound tracks

Create "Caylee's law" requirement to report missing children

Bar public/private college board from restricting weapons on campus

Modify state bottle deposit law provisions

Allow sale/marketing of raw milk

Allow protective orders for pets in domestic abuse cases

Establish a flat state corporate tax

Locate a welcome center in northwest Iowa

Place both same-sex partners' names on birth certificate

Require drug tests for FIP recipients

Tie regent presidents' pay to tuition increases

Bar union due collection from illegal aliens

"Restructure or Eliminate Frivolous, Obsolete and Redundant Mandates" (REFORM) bill

Designate "Iowa Waltz" the state song

Place new restrictions on abortion

Bar weapons-grade materials at nuclear plants in Iowa

Amend Constitution to ban traffic enforcement cameras

Beef up enforcement of open meetings/records law

Expand protections for mobile park residents

Create blue alert system for public safety emergencies

Shield cities from sledding mishap liability

Require drug tests for jobless benefits recipients

Shield farm tractor operators from CDL requirements

Ratify national popular vote resolution

Change motorboat speed perimeters on Lake MacBride

Exempt textbooks from state sales tax

Require school superintendents to pay health insurance costs

Place prohibitions on out-of-season contact between high school coaches and athletes

Create lottery game to benefit anti-littering programs

Create social hosting criminal offense for underage drinking

Regulate or cap pay-day loans

Bar public/private college board from restricting weapons on campus


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