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Zebra Mussel McCook Lake

Zebra mussels were discovered in McCook Lake, S.D., in 2016. The invasive species has now been confirmed at Lake Yankton near Gavins Point Dam.

YANKTON, S.D. | The presence of the invasive zebra mussel has been confirmed in Lake Yankton, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

The lake, also known as Cottonwood Lake, sits north of the Missouri River and below Gavins Point Dam near Yankton, S.D. The mussel has become established in Lewis and Clark Lake on the other side of the dam and in the river from the dam to the Kansas border.

The invasive species has also been found in McCook Lake near North Sioux City and in the Iowa Great Lakes region at Okoboji. The zebra mussel competes with native fish and mussels, clogs pipes, cuts swimmers' feet and will pile up on rocks, docks, swimming platforms and anything else in the water.

The mussel is often transported on boats and in water that has not been drained from boats.

The Game and Parks Commission encourages boaters to drain all water from their boat before transporting it to another body of water. Spraying all water-storage areas with vinegar will help kill young, microscopic mussels.


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