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BOB HENDERSON: Here's why you should vote for me for the Iowa House

BOB HENDERSON: Here's why you should vote for me for the Iowa House


My name is Bob Henderson. In 1989, our family moved to Sioux City where I spent 20 years of my 40-year coaching and teaching career. I graduated from college in 1971 with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Since then I have earned a master's in mathematics and a doctorate in educational administration and policy study. I have also spent 10 years as a college and university football coach and I am a professional musician.

Early in my coaching and teaching years, I became acquainted with many of the economic struggles that families and individuals have had to battle. Those struggles, along with an education system which has departed from its original purpose, have resulted in many of the societal problems we face today. These have led to increases in taxes, which are a burden to every segment of our society, but especially to those who are on fixed and limited incomes, mainly senior citizens.

Another large segment of our society is that of single mothers raising children. Close to 15% of the family structures in Sioux City are in this category. These moms need help in two ways at least: Paying increasingly higher bills, and providing the type of guidance for their children that they’d prefer to do.

Working as a regional director for Sen. Charles Grassley, I observed that we are not unique to these difficulties. I believe there are sound solutions to what we face, but not in the ways that are often thought. So here are some of the important reasons for why I should be elected:

First, I believe that a fundamental place we need to attack these difficulties is in our schools. Though they do well in providing our children with the opportunity to learn technical skills, as John Adams said, “we must teach them how to live life.” Teaching students what it means to be a good citizen is more about the examples we set, not the test scores we achieve. We need to show them how to care about others; to plan for the future; to improve our society; to become a productive person; and to recognize that life is about more than just what they experience. These are the roots of American life. Learning these fundamentals will prepare our kids for a life of richness that will surpass what technical learning will provide. It is time that we returned to teaching these basics of American heritage and citizenship.

Secondly, there are things that we can do and continue to do which will give some immediate help. We should freeze property taxes on our citizens who are caught on fixed and limited incomes. And we can work harder to make our tax revenues go further so we can lower all taxes, helping people keep their hard-earned money. Lowering taxes has already been shown to increase revenues, build businesses, and create jobs which have kept Iowa’s economy strong over the past four years. I believe more tax reform and economic development can be accomplished.

Finally, throughout my life, I have been devoted to being the best husband, best father, and best citizen that I can be. God has blessed me with my wife Jane, and three sons who are beyond what I could have asked for. And now I have three wonderful daughters (in law) and four grandsons as well. God did not do that so I could be at rest in this life. I am convinced that His plan is for me to use my education, experience, resources and energy toward a better place for all: Sioux City, Iowa, America, and this world. I would be grateful for your vote in this election.

Bob Henderson is the Republican nominee for Iowa House District 14. Henderson also was the nominee for the seat in 2016 and 2018.


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