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The great honor of representing Iowa’s 4th Congressional District in Congress has allowed me to understand more deeply, and believe more passionately, that we live in the greatest state in the greatest nation on Earth. Iowans are smart, patriotic, entrepreneurial and possess great character. Our families carry on a generations-long legacy of nurturing productivity at home, at work, in our communities, our state, and our nation. We choose to do good because it’s right and it’s rewarding. We share common values, common beliefs and common goals.

From the land in western and north-central Iowa, the most productive agricultural district in the U.S., farmers produce food, fuel and fiber. As value is added, jobs are created and new businesses are grown to meet the needs of those who produce the crops and further process all those commodities. I have been, and will always remain, an outspoken, active advocate for renewable fuels and for doing more to promote these American-grown products. Serving on the U.S. House Agriculture Committee, I support and encourage legislation to benefit farmers as well as related industries, including livestock producers. From the 4th District, we export our productivity to the benefit of our domestic economy as well as abroad, doing much to help our balance of trade.

The average Iowan will see $2,059 in tax savings due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed late last year. This is the best vote I have cast as a member of Congress. The resulting tax code allows for economic expansion with evidence already supporting its success. In May, the Congressional Budget Office announced April saw the largest monthly budget surplus in American history. We are seeing the benefits of having a chief executive with a business background in the White House. Paychecks are larger due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, industries have given their employees bonuses with on-target expectation for accelerated growth, and the economy is continuing to show remarkable gains.

Who benefits from a strong, vibrant economy more than families whose household budgets are improved? I am committed to preserving and protecting the institution of the family and it begins by speaking for the voiceless. I’ve introduced The Heartbeat Protection Act in Congress with the support of 171 co-sponsors from the U.S. House. This legislation prohibits abortion in cases where a fetal heartbeat is detectable. I was happy to lend a hand to help the Iowa General Assembly pass similar legislation that was just signed into law.

My commitment to the safety of my constituents and all citizens remains strong as I support our nation’s military in their efforts at home and beyond. Their service, as well as that of our veterans, demands our best. Our safety is also at risk due to our porous border which I expect to be protected by a wall. I support smart legal immigration. Illegal immigration undermines our sovereignty, culture and future. It is well past time we restore respect for the rule of law.

I seek re-election because I wake up each day energized to do the work I have been privileged to do representing Iowans in Congress. My desire to serve stems from the blessings I have been given to live, work and raise my family in the 4th District. I wish for them, and for all those I represent, even more opportunities. Our values are being challenged and, in some cases, assaulted. I stand with my fellow citizens, vowing to preserve and protect the values we cherish. It takes strong character, experience and being connected to those who send me to do their work in Congress. I owe you all my best effort and best judgment and I believe I have delivered. I pledge the same in the future.

I humbly ask for your vote and continued confidence this election.

Incumbent Rep. Steve King of Kiron is a Republican candidate for U.S. House from Iowa's 4th District.

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