STEVE REEDER: Here's why you should vote for me in 4th District U.S. House primary
Primary election 2020 U.S. House, 4th District of Iowa

STEVE REEDER: Here's why you should vote for me in 4th District U.S. House primary


Editor's note: Today The Journal continues a five-day series of guest columns written by the Republican candidates for the U.S. House seat in Iowa's 4th District in the June 2 primary election. The columns will be published, in alphabetical order, each day through Saturday.

Limiting the power of the federal government, especially in light of COVID, is more important than ever. We see the dysfunction in Congress, and using COVID by some leaders as an attempt to expand control. During my 35 years in commercial and industrial real estate and as a small business owner, I witnessed firsthand how decisions made in Congress made life harder for families, farmers and the small business community. Now we have a president who has made significant accomplishments for the American people, and I am well-suited to help.

Like our president, I have a strong and proven work ethic. The Trump administration achieved historic economic growth and job creation because of Trump’s business background and leadership in organizing strong task forces to address issues and bring government, the private sector and philanthropic organizations together to create positive change.

My background has given me business and financial experience, the ability to solve problems, and strong negotiating skills. I have represented thousands of clients across different fields and industries over the course of my career, which gives me the experience to represent Iowans and Americans in Congress, especially in light of tackling challenges our businesses and livelihoods face. My goal is to work together with other congressmen and congresswomen to reduce the size of government, defend religious liberty from constant assault, and protect our Constitutional freedoms. I will bring our shared values to Congress and be President Trump’s ally in Washington for Iowa.

There are many issues our nation - American and Iowa families - face. On the campaign trail, balancing our budget, reducing regulation and taxes and defending American sovereignty and interests to protect our livelihoods and health are topics on Iowans’ minds. We must balance the budget as soon as possible to avoid leaving mountains of debt to our children and grandchildren. If Iowa’s families and businesses can balance their budgets, so can Congress. Reducing regulation and taxes is the right step to ensure entrepreneurs, small businesses and our agriculture community can be successful.

Agriculture is an integral part of the Fourth District as well as business on our Main Streets. A limited government role is the solution to ensuring that farmers and ranchers are profitable in their farm and business operations. Farmers and ranchers require more markets for their grain and livestock. Overregulation drives many family farms out of business and creates barriers of entry for new farmers. Antitrust legislation needs to be enforced which takes the power out of a handful of multinational corporations that control the food supply chain and allows competition on a level playing field. Expanding farm to consumer sales of wholesome food can provide jobs and profitability. Also, I will work with all members of Congress to end human and sex trafficking, improve foster care, and support education initiatives that place power back at the local and state levels to ensure our children’s gifts and talents are best being met and opportunities exist for fulfilling and viable careers in their future.

Socialism erodes at what has made America great - namely, the liberties and freedoms we have. I want to ensure the opportunities I have had to provide for my family, enjoy the freedom to worship and grow a successful business are possible for the next generation. Americans are resilient and the American spirit is alive and well. If you believe in less government, more faith, and more freedom, I want to work together with you to restore trust in our federal government.

I am the non-establishment candidate and communication with constituents is paramount to me. I am grateful for your vote now through June 2 in the Republican primary. Please visit and follow our campaign on our social media: @stevereederiowa.

Steve Reeder of Arnolds Park, Iowa, is a Republican candidate for the Iowa 4th District U.S. House seat.


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