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The Regulars Linda Holub

The Regulars columnist Linda Holub is shown Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014, in the offices of the Sioux City Journal. Sioux City Journal photo by Tim Hynds

The lowest form of insult is to call someone a racist and it is spewed with impunity. It is the insult used when one is not winning an argument on the merits of the case. I believe the illegal immigration debate falls into this category.

This is a complicated issue, but it is also just common sense. One need only ask “Do you lock your doors at home?” The answer is, yes, of course. We lock our doors to keep uninvited people from entering without permission and to protect our families and possessions. Walls/barriers protect citizens from invasions by non-citizens. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi voted for the barrier/wall in the recent past. So when did it become immoral?

President Trump displayed the most compassion for government workers and willingness to negotiate, while the Democrats showed their colors - they want open borders. The Pelosi standoff was about defeating President Trump, not about protecting Americans. The barrier works to prevent illegal immigration everywhere it is built. CNN reporter Jim Acosta proved that fact when he walked along the wall in McAllen, Texas, and saw no one attempting to scale the wall/fence.

The border crisis is real.

No one can blame someone from lawless, war-torn countries from wanting to come to America because of our value of rule of law and the opportunity to work hard to get ahead financially. Illegal immigration brings in good workers, but also crime, as well as overwhelms our health care, education, law enforcement and welfare systems. Sovereign nations have a responsibility to know who they allow to enter and when.

New caravans continue to form in Honduras. These caravans are a well-organized effort that facilitates human smuggling, human trafficking, drug trafficking and gang violence.

In just two days the Border Patrol confiscated 1,000 pounds of drugs coming across the border, according to Fox News. The American Center for Law and Justice reported that 2,500 known or suspected terrorists come over the border yearly. On Oct. 11, Guatemala's president reported nearly 100 ISIS terrorists have been apprehended there, according to Judicial As reported by Judicial Watch, Guatemalan authorities said they have rescued children from the grips of human traffickers.

Taxpayers have a sincere interest in curbing the illegal immigration invasion. The Federation for American Immigration Reform, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit group that studies immigration, reported that taxpayers pay $116 billion of the costs of illegal immigration. This amount dwarfs the approximately $19 billion recouped by the federal government through taxes.

Recently, MIT and Yale released a study that shows there are likely 22.1 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. instead of the 10 to 11 million we have been told were here. This team used a sophisticated mathematical model to reach this conclusion.

The White House reported that over 75,000 family units crossed the border in one recent year, and that does not take into account the over 10,000 unaccompanied minors who have flooded the Department of Human Services ( Also, immigration courts are overwhelmed with over 800,000 cases in backlog. How do we ever catch up? With a mere 8 to 10 percent of asylum seekers permitted once the court actually rules, this is an inefficient effort. It is much more humanitarian for asylum requests to be initiated in their country of origin.

President Trump does have the authority to suspend entry of all aliens when he determines it is detrimental to the welfare of the United States. Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states the “United States shall guarantee to every State a republic form of government and shall protect each of them against invasion.” This was tested in the Hawaii v. Trump decision by the Supreme Court. President Trump made an intelligent move by coordinating with the Mexican government to hold the immigrants on the Mexican side as their cases are managed in an orderly fashion, preventing overwhelming the system.

It is time to stop the invasion by stopping chain migration, ending visa lottery, building the fence, increasing the ability to get work visas, reforming the system to make it easier to enter legally and helping create cities of refuge in home countries. It is time for Nancy and Chuck to come to the table and negotiate.

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Linda Holub, of Dakota Dunes, S.D., has lived in the Sioux City metro area for more than 40 years. She and her husband, Dave, have four adult children. A certified life coach professional with a master of arts degree from Liberty University in Human Services, Counseling: Life Coaching, Holub is co-chair of the Siouxland Coalition Against Human Trafficking.

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