Where do we start with Iowa State Sen. Claire Celsi?

The West Des Moines Democrat made headlines when in a tweet on Thursday night she urged buyers to "beware" when considering the purchase of ice cream manufactured by Le Mars, Iowa, based Wells Enterprises because members of the Wells family have in the past made financial contributions to U.S. House campaigns of Steve King.

We could share our general annoyance with individuals who assume the role of righteous arbiter by demanding, proposing or implying what private businesses the rest of us should or shouldn't support.

We could point out members of the Wells family have every right as individuals, as do all Americans, to support whoever and whatever causes they wish as well as the fact their company, according to a spokeswoman, doesn't support political campaigns through either endorsements or contributions.

We could point out how boycotts of private businesses for political reasons ensnare average men and women who simply want to earn a living and support themselves and their families through work at those businesses.

What we really want to say, though, is this: That an elected Iowa official would in any way, shape or form suggest consumers should not buy a product from an iconic Iowa-based business that provides employment for more than 2,000 Iowa workers, that contributes to the economy of this region and Iowa as a whole in significant fashion and about which commendable doesn't begin to describe the positive corporate citizenship it demonstrates in myriad ways to the benefit of this region and Iowa as a whole is beyond disappointing or irresponsible.

It's disgraceful.

As a company, Wells Enterprises represents everything good about Iowa. As an Iowan, Celsi owes the Wells family an apology.

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