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    THE MINI: The Department Of Defense was recently audited to account for $3.5 trillion of it's assets. The DOD could only account for 39% of its assets. Maybe they should check Biden's garage to see if he has a tank, howitzer or Humvee sitting next to his Corvette. - Duane Behrens, Sioux City

      THE MINI: The Associated Press recently reported that President Biden will end the COVID-19 emergency on May 11. Upon hearing that, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the immortal words of NYPD Lt. John McClane (aka Bruce Willis) in the movie "Die Hard," when he said, “Welcome to the party, …

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        THE MINI: I read with great interest the front page article about the State limiting the lengths of trains in Iowa. If Rep. Siegrist is getting upset waiting for a train to pass, it will be interesting to see how he handles standing in line and having to wait for his electric car to be charg…

          We’re told that if public schools were better, there wouldn’t have been a need for this “voucher” law. I have worked in both public and private schools for years and the difference is not staff, it’s the students.

          THE MINI: Thank you to the nine citizens who put their hat in the ring for the County Board of Supervisor vacancy.  May the best woman win! -- William F. Burrows, Sioux City

          The Siouxland Youth Athletics relinquished its lease of the six softball and youth-sized baseball fields at Riverside Park in the fall of 2022. New bids came from The Arena/Hesse Foundation and Westside Little League, both looking for expansion of softball and possibly baseball programs. A c…

          I believe this country has achieved greatness through of the rise of the middle class largely because of public education of the general population. The bill in the Iowa Legislature to provide state funding to parents who enroll their children in private schools is coming up for a vote soon,…

          THE MINI: To be clear, did anyone interpret Certified Supervisor Woodbury County Chair Matthew Ung's proposed New Rules as a way to restrict taxpayers' input to the Board reducing Citizens Concerns on the Agenda from two items to one at the end rather than at the beginning of the meeting? - …


          THE MINI: So not only did the school district waste $1.3 million on space that is now going to be closed but it sounds the the kids got a crappy education to boot. Real good use of taxpayer money. Way to go school board. --JoAnne Steckelberg, Sioux City

          ‘Tis the season to be jolly, but not for everyone. When I asked a friend of mine how his Christmas was, he answered, “Someone decided to light around 50 fireworks in my neighborhood tonight (these trigger my PTSD big time).” My dear friend is a veteran who fought in combat. I cannot imagine …

          THE MINI: With all the pay and benefits ex congressman Steve King has received and continues to receive on the Public Dole, is he really squabbling over $550? Bah Humbug! --William F. Burrows, Sioux City

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