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LETTER: A close look in the mirror

LETTER: A close look in the mirror

Letters to the Editor

Will not the sad Jan. 6 spectacle in our nation’s capital go down as one of our darkest days? This terrorist attack rivals 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. Trump inspired, fomented by Facebook and Twitter. We are under siege. We wonder. Have we ignored white supremacists, the Proud Boys, scoffed at QAnon’s inane ramblings? Did we let the wolf in the door?

After the riots, one would certainly think so. Shocked by the destruction to the halls of Congress, five deaths, the assault on our democracy, have they come to their senses? Yet, even after wanton destruction, lawmakers nearly conquered by mob rule, some rioters carrying a handful of zip ties to imprison our legislators, eight senators and 139 congressmen and women then voted against certifying the election!

Terrorists were led by Sen. Hawley and Sen. Ted Cruse. Armed with social media, the rumor mill was cranked hard. Maddened men and women, drowning with Trump-speak, Trump-hysteria, marched on the Capitol. they outnumbered Capitol Police. They were out to wreak havoc, which they did. We have broken furniture and shattered glass. Meanwhile, from the most depraved and ignoble, feces were smeared on the wall.

With deaths, blood is on their hands. Traitors, ignoring their sworn oaths to serve our nation, need to be held accountable. Trump, who tweeted, “Be there, it will be wild,” needs to be impeached. Party over country? Have they no shame?

Indeed, we need to take a close look in the mirror. -- Ron Hartnett, Dakota City


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