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Letters to the Editor

With the election over there is a real opportunity on the horizon for a solution on immigration. There are enough like-minded Republicans and Democrats in the Senate to come up with a good piece of legislation.

With the Democrats now in control of the House there is a real chance for a combined effort that will pass both the House and Senate and reach the president for his signature. The question is, would the president join this effort and be willing to sign it and give up his favorite hot button issue going into 2020?

Behind all of this posturing politically is also the ongoing issue of human trafficking for all kinds of illegal activities. Human trafficking is about the use and abuse of someone’s sons and daughters in illegal schemes to make money and it is the hidden underbelly of our failure to deal effectively and responsibly with the issue of immigration.

When will we come together to act as honorable human beings to do what is right, if not now? Who are we, not just as Americans, but as members of our various faiths, and as fathers and mothers of sons and daughters who would do anything to protect our own children from these same situations? - Jerry Eaton, Sioux City

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