Letters to the Editor

I have been struggling with Christmas spirit this year. My husband entered a care center in October with dementia, and it has been an emotional adjustment for our whole family.

As Christmas came closer, I wanted no part of a tree or decorations, as it was not going to be a normal Christmas for me. I did put out several small sentimental things that celebrate the birth of Christ.

On the Sunday before Christmas, I was shopping at Wal-Mart. As I walked around the store hearing the Christmas songs, I became very depressed and had tears running down my face knowing my family would be spending that day at the care center opening our gifts and sharing a meal with my husband instead of at home around a tree.

I heard a man approaching to my right. His arm reached in front of me and put something in my purse and he said “Merry Christmas." I thought it was a coupon for something and said, “Thank you." I picked up the item and it was a $100 bill. I looked for him and he was gone. I started crying again.

When I got home and I told my son what happened, he said it was an angel sent by my mom to cheer me up.

I would love to thank the man who dropped the money in my purse. I hope the gesture made him feel as good as it did for me.

May God bless him tenfold. - Perriann Boyce, Sioux City

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