Letters to the Editor

With the Democratic primaries beginning to heat up, a lot of talk has gone to the usual topics - the economy, health care and gun control. While all of these things are important, one candidate pointed out a very real and important issue that is seldom discussed: the need for local journalism.

Journalism is vital to any town or city; it lets us know what is happening in our local governments, keeps us updated when there are emergencies, and gives us a chance to hear about events that are happening in our area that help to build a sense of community.

Andrew Yang, an entrepreneur who was named a "Champion for Change" by the Obama administration, is worried about the growing financial struggle of local newspapers. He has proposed what he calls the “Local Journalism Fund,” which would give between $25,000 to $250,000 a year to local media outlets to help both the transition and sustainment of the local journalism that is so important to keep us informed about what is happening in our communities. I can see this as nothing but essential to the continued survival of these essential institutions, and Mr. Yang is the only politician who is suggesting a solution.

As we move further into the primary and general election seasons, I think it is incredibly important to support candidates who want to try and find solutions to problems, not just spit out the same left- or right-wing talking points that they do every year. Dallas Bruneau, Sioux City

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