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Letters to the Editor

Are we living in the United States or are we living in some Third World police state? When did it become legally and socially acceptable for legislators to investigate people in search of crimes? I read an article recently where a U.S. congressman openly admitted that there really wasn’t any proof that President Trump obstructed justice. Despite this lack of proof he went on to say he personally thought that the president had obstructed justice and therefore Congress needed to investigate to find the evidence.

Huh? Does anyone else see how twisted this is? This corrupt behavior is exhibited in Third World countries, not the United States.

Perhaps all the partisan hacks in Washington, D.C., should start focusing on more important things than wasting our taxpayer dollars to pin crimes on our duly elected president. Perhaps they should all be trying to solve what truly is the single biggest threat to our nation: Our debt. If you are under the age of 55 and think you will get Social Security upon retirement, I am afraid you are going to be disappointed. Unfortunately, our distracted political leaders are too busy trying to oust those they do not like to solve such "insignificant" problems.

Again, we are not a Third World police state laden with corruption and political coups, but we sure are acting like one. Regardless of your political affiliation, these actions ought to be sending chills down your spine. I know it scares me. - Brad Swart, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa

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