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Letters to the Editor

The Journal's editorial board chiming in on the proposed signing of a gun law in another state is both arrogant and sanctimonious. If The Journal had their way, South Dakota would have a camera on every intersection, a state income tax, no death penalty, and every citizen that ever had a politically incorrect thought would be guilty until proven innocent.

The state of South Dakota is one of the few states in the USA that truly believes in law, justice and the fair treatment of its citizens.

A place where a handshake and friendly smile can be found in every town. Our pioneers came here to live in "soddies" and work hard to ensure their families had opportunities to follow their dreams.

Outsiders do not have the right to tell us how to conduct our business.

During the last election cycle, outside money came into the state and literally ran ads calling gubernatorial candidate Billie Sutton "a liberal hiding under a cowboy hat." Ranchers, cowboys and farmers are known for their independence and generosity. When the blizzard of October 2013 hit the western part of the state killing livestock, thousands of dollars were raised to help the ranchers get back on their feet.

In this state we take care of our own. Sure, along the way our great state has had its problems, but we continue to persevere. Our common ground is our work ethic and love for freedom. We would not have it any other way, but The Journal editorial board wouldn't know that because its members don't live here. - Douglas Heeren, Spink, South Dakota

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