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Letters to the Editor

Thank you to The Journal for its recent series on homelessness and thank you to all those working hard to help our communities by serving those in need. Myself, I do what I can and have been both directly and indirectly involved over the years and agree with Frank LaMere when he says that the problem has never been worse.

I also want to acknowledge some of our city leaders for doing their job. It's unfortunate when we as a community have to do that because then in some way, shape or form we find ourselves in a predictable pattern of status quo, settling for the bare minimum of action. With that, I am very disappointed in our council and elected mayor who responded recently to these issues by passing the buck. They said that they will pay attention, which is good, but from the confines of their office chair or telephone. I say, "Get out and meet these people" They're human beings, not just words on a report or someone you see as you make your way to your office or your next meeting. Be a leader and lead. Engage them, shake their hand and, God forbid, talk to them. You are being paid well to serve all of the people.

Also, I would like to see our police officers on foot patrol in our poor neighborhoods. God forbid that they get to know the people, too. - Michael O'Connor, Sioux City


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