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Letters to the Editor

In her Feb. 10 Regulars column in the Journal, Linda Holub suggested that “President Trump displayed the most compassion for government workers and willingness to negotiate, while the Democrats showed their true colors - they want open borders" (in effect, laying the issue on Democrats).

Trump creates the issue and the problem, then demands others resolve his malfeasance.

“Compassion”? Seriously? Simply by fiat, he held 800,000 workers hostage for bargaining purposes (and, in effect, their families) for 30-plus days, with no pay. Where's the compassion? There. Is. None.

Open borders? A damning, yet incomplete statement. Democrats are for enhanced border security, just not an all-encompassing border wall. Consider comments from some people who actually live near the border - Rep. Vincente Gonzalez of McAllen (population 140,000, larger than Sioux City) says that they did not have a single homicide in 2018; Sheriff Richard Wiles says El Paso has been one America's safest cities for three decades.

Concern about a wall is a major deflection from the long-term damage this administration is causing, both on the domestic and foreign relations fronts. (“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”) - Timothy Getty, Sioux City

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