Letters to the Editor

One of Donald Trump's biggest campaign promises was to build a wall. The GOP held the White House and both chambers of Congress for two years. Why was the wall not fully funded then? The Democrats have voted to fund a wall many times in the past, why won't they now?

It's all just a bunch of political theater. The population is easier to control when they're divided and fighting among themselves. The divided populace is so concentrated on fighting those on the other side of the aisle that they can't see, refuse to see, they're being robbed blind by both parties in D.C.

One example is the House just voted to spend $416 million from 2020-2024 to subsidize European power so they can be more independent of Russia. Why are the American taxpayers paying for European energy when citizens are struggling with power bills here at home? When will people wake up and realize that the GOP and the Democrats are actually in cahoots and put on a show to keep them fooled?

Some $22 trillion and counting in debt. You're being robbed blind. Contact your representatives and demand they get spending under control, and if they won't, vote them out. Brian Bruns, Le Mars, Iowa

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