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LETTER: Crack down on abnormally loud vehicles on roads

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Letters to the Editor

Who hasn’t been passed by an abnormally loud vehicle going irresponsibly fast? There is more of this occurring than at any time I remember since the supped up V8 days in the 1970s. Then, too, highway deaths were a frequent killer of young men and their unfortunate passengers.

The other parallel is reconfigured loud exhaust systems in these vehicles—pickups, motorcycles, and cars — from the Happy Days generation to today. There is an expressly male thing that craves a “see me” noise component whenever their ego needs a two- or four-wheel boost.

Strangely, few places in the U.S. enforce noise ordinances at all, let alone with immediate ticketing, heavy fines, and mandated exhaust reinstallations. Doing so is a surefire way to make life more livable to those of use who live in urban areas, cut down on speeders who get little rises out of fast accelerations, and save lives. Other nations do it… maybe we ought to, as well. -- Michael T. Franken, Sioux City



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