Letters to the Editor

The Journal recently published a Letter claiming President Trump is simply stirring the pot and not solving problems. The message is the same as the Letter writer's other numerous submissions to The Journal, he dislikes Donald Trump.

If the Letter writer wants to direct his scorn at President Trump, have a legitimate reason. In August, Saudi Arabia bombed a school bus in Yemen, killing several women and children. The bomb was made by Lockheed Martin in the USA. In October, Trump approves a $110 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia.

Trump claimed the arms deal was good for the economy. If that isn't demented thinking, putting money over lives, then what is?

Trump has surrounded himself with bloodthirsty war mongers in the likes of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, both with vast connections to neo-con war strategists.

The only anti-war voice in Congress today is Tulsi Gabbard, a representative from Hawaii who traveled to Syria and saw the destruction firsthand. Noam Chomsky is 90 years old, Howard Zinn, Pete Seeger and Paul Wellstone are no longer with us. Even if these men were still actively opposing war I doubt the media would listen to them since corporate profiteering is such a lucrative business and many of the national media corporations are directly or indirectly connected to the arms manufacturers.

Become informed. Leave all your subjective bias behind and start thinking objectively. Allowing human beings in far-off places to die by weapons made on American soil is disgusting and disheartening.

This is the reason you should be critical of President Trump, not some narrow, disdainful reason concocted using extreme prejudice. - Douglas Heeren, Spink, South Dakota

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