Letters to the Editor

In 2016 the GOP politicians lined up their run for POTUS and a successful businessman emerged and said he could make America great again. The politicians, both sides, and the media wrote him off. He said he could put us on the right track and put America back to work. We the people believed him since he was not a politician promising the moon and giving us the same old lines of baloney that never happen. Donald Trump delivered, won big in spite of the odds and, without Russian help, as we now know. The Obama cronies of the deep state, big government for three years have broken the law repeatedly trying to undo a valid election. Everything they attempted failed and the country is running like it never has before. People are working. Now the Democrats are lining up in droves telling us how bad things are and how they can make things better with big government, Socialism, free everything, and a Green New Deal and, don’t forget, open borders and citizenship for the whole world. Their only hope is to create a new recession and that is exactly what they and the media are trying to do. Don’t buy into it, the numbers don’t lie and there is “no such thing as a free lunch.” Somebody has to pay for everything. Keep America growing; build the wall, control immigration legally. Keep America Great! - Larry Locke, Sioux City

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