LETTER: Global warming: 'A hoax'

LETTER: Global warming: 'A hoax'

Letters to the Editor

This global warming “crisis” is nothing more than a hoax to bring more power and control over the people by governments.

Here are a few facts you won’t hear from global warming nuts: Man has only been recording Earth’s climate since about 1880. At that time, Earth was climbing out of the mini ice age. It was cold enough back then that Niagara Falls froze solid a few times. So, the next time you hear that “we have another record temp in recorded history," just remember that only means in the last 140 years.

Also, remember that the scientists advocating global warming are the same scientists who said we were going into an ice age back in the '60s and '70s. And remember, these scientific predictions have been absolutely wrong in both the global cooling and global warming scare. We have been told the world is coming to an end in just a few years if we don’t take care of the problem at least six or seven times since the '80s, yet here we are thriving more than ever.

Global warming nuts also like to say how the global warming science is “settled science” and 97% of scientists agree that man is causing this calamity. This is also wrong. There are many scientists who disagree with this. In the last three years, there have been over 350 peer-reviewed papers disputing the claim of man-made global warming (notrickszone.com). No, this science is far from settled. Heck, there were a lot of "scientists" way back who also thought the Earth was flat.

So, don’t just believe this garbage. Do your unbiased research and understand what is happening with the global warming farce. There is a reason they have had to change the name of it four or five times since 1980. Ken Boyce, Sioux City


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