LETTER: He's appalled by criticisms of Vindman

LETTER: He's appalled by criticisms of Vindman

Letters to the Editor

I let a few days pass to see what Sen. Joni Ernst, Sen. Charles Grassley and Rep. Steve King had to say about the attack on Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and, unfortunately, the answer is precious little. When Fox News and some of our less-honorable Republican politicians questioned his loyalty to our country, I thought that at least Sen. Ernst, a military veteran, would vociferously condemn these scurrilous lies, but I was sadly mistaken. One article even suggested court marshaling the soldier.

LTC Vindman gave an honest and forthright account of what went on in that now-infamous conversation and why he was troubled by it and he was promptly vilified by the increasingly rancorous far right as someone who just may have compromised his sworn loyalty to America. This man is a dedicated and unswerving defender of democracy and our way of life as demonstrated by the way he has served his country. His testimony is above reproach. Remember, in order to get the top-secret clearance to listen in on this call he had to be thoroughly vetted, including lie detector tests. Too bad we can't hook up our president to one, but perhaps it's just as well - the lie detector would never survive the ordeal.

But enough of that. What I would like to see, as a veteran, is apologies from my representatives for not coming to LTC Vindman's defense. It's not too late to show we the people that you actually do put the Constitution and our country ahead of petty partisan politics. John Shuck, Sioux City


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