Letters to the Editor

After reading Linda Holub's Regulars column in the June 16 Journal, I'm very thankful I'm an American citizen and not under a single-payer health plan like Canada's. Ms. Holub cites Sally Pipes, a Canadian citizen who lost her mother prematurely because of her age. The older one becomes, the more you lose any priority and the further down the list you go, until you eventually die, as Ms. Pipes' mother did. This is government (socialist) health care, which we should be aware of through the many failures, unfortunately, in the VA.

So, if you're a senior or soon will be, think again if you plan on voting for any of today's liberal/socialist Democrats.

And, a final reminder: Every Communist, Marxist and socialist dictator has said that the best and easiest way to control the people is through government-run health care.

Control and power over the populace is more to their liking than opportunity and freedom, renewed by President Trump, which has brought we the people unprecedented economic success. Lets keep it going for a while longer. Sid Jacobsma, Orange City, Iowa

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