LETTER: He supports repeal of pit bull ban

LETTER: He supports repeal of pit bull ban

Letters to the Editor

I want to congratulate and thank our Sioux City City Council for their wise and sanguine vote to repeal the huge miscarriage of justice known as the pit bull ban.

Pit bull bans, as well as other breed-specific ordinances, are born out of racism, bigotry and prejudice and Sioux City has evolved away from these primitive emotions.

It is not the dog that is at fault, but the owner, just as it is not the car that is at fault, but the drunk behind the wheel.

The question was asked: Well, how do we reduce the number of dog bites in the city? One solution would be to eliminate all dogs from the city. This would certainly reduce the number of dog bites, just as eliminating all cars from the city would eliminate drunk driving. This is the ignorant man's solution.

No, the way to reduce dog bites in Sioux City is exactly the same way you reduce drunk driving. Through education. Proper education of dog owners is important, as is educating those who do not have dogs, in what not to do when you meet a dog. It is a fact that many bites are a result of a person not knowing how to introduce themselves properly to a strange dog.

Now, as a result of the new ordinance passed, the owner of the dog will be responsible as to how the dog acts.

Thank you again Rhonda Capron, Dan Moore, Bob Scott and Alex Watters. Great job. Mark Solheim, Sioux City


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