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LETTER: Here is 'the real news story' about Steve King

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Letters to the Editor

The Journal owes Steve King an apology. On Thursday, The Journal's front page was used by what I believe was a left-wing campaign to perpetuate a cynical and nasty attack on Steve King’s character.

As a local leader of the Jewish faith, I was recently included on an email chain regarding whether I would join a letter attacking Congressman King. I refused to sign, because I know Steve King. And I know that the ridiculous claims made in the letter simply aren’t true. Imagine my disbelief when I saw this same dishonest letter forming the basis of a Journal news story headlined “Iowa 4th District Jewish leaders condemn King."

I believe the legitimacy and authenticity of The Journal's story is called into question because a left-wing campaign was behind it. I would be interested to know why The Journal kept this information from its readers. Was it a decision born of haste? Did the editors decide that an “anti-Semitic” smear simply was “too good to check” before running it against a man the paper did not endorse?

I know Steve King, and I also know his well-established record. King’s record is one of consistent support for the existence of the State of Israel, and for the rights of the Jewish people to defend themselves, and their faith, against the violent terrorist attacks that all too frequently befall her people. I know of no member of Congress who is as pro-Israel and who stands with the Jewish people as strongly as Steve King.

In May, the Zionist Organization of America publicly introduced Steve King at their annual event as “a man who is consistent for being for Israel even when it isn’t popular.” This is an assessment that rings true to those who know him, and is a far cry more transparent, open and honest than the process that led to a false attack in The Journal. And this is the real news story The Journal's readers should know. - Dan Lederman, Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, South Dakota Republican Party chairman


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