LETTER: Hold people accountable

LETTER: Hold people accountable

Letters to the Editor

After listening to an interview with Alex Azar, our nation’s Health and Human Services secretary, I felt compelled to comment publicly. The interviewer showed Secretary Azar pictures of people in Columbus, Ohio, packed into a restaurant with no masks or distancing and then asked the secretary what he thought of it. The secretary’s first comment was that people being able to have the freedom to be irresponsible is one of the great things about our country. If he had continued to say that they need to be held accountable, I would have applauded him. He did not.

Our society was formed to hold people accountable for behavior that affects the life and livelihood of others. We have laws against physical attack, drunk driving, etc. It is foolish and ignorant to suggest that people who don’t follow distancing and mask rules are only putting themselves at risk. The opposite is true. It is much more likely that they will be the spreaders of the virus.

I am all for businesses doing everything they can to begin serving our community. I appreciate deeply the tremendous loss of income, identity and hope. Even though I choose not to participate at this time, I trust that most of the people in our community are being responsible. It is the few who don’t care who scare me the most. Diana Howard, Dakota Dunes, South Dakota


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