Letters to the Editor

How dare you, President Trump? An American citizen, also a reporter, asked you what you and Mr. Putin would talk about when you met recently. And your answer was, "It's none of your business." How dare you? It is that reporter's and every American's right to ask. It is your obligation as an elected official to answer. You are the president and are responsible to everyone. When you treat the electorate like you have no responsibility to them, perhaps the voters will feel they have no responsibility to you and no respect for your office.

I refuse to be treated as an individual with no right to question the president. I have that right and moral obligation to question you whenever I want an answer. It's sad that, one, you won't answer and, two, if you do it is almost always a lie. Shame on you and your outrageous use of half-truths and outright lies. Again, how dare you, President Trump? Linda Kruger, Sheldon, Iowa


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