Letters to the Editor

I must take exception to a Sunday Letter calling the Corps of Engineers' handling of this year's water inept. After running 25,000 cubic feet per second more than normal all last summer, right up into December, and then over 20,000 cfs through the winter, what more could they have done? As I understand things, the wintertime maximum is in the low 20s range because of ice up on the impoundment lakes (look it up). Then this spring after ice was out, the release amount again was quite high. Fort Randall Dam was shut down completely for eight days in March while the Niobrara River was so high.

And now we come to this year. May was a new record inflow - ever. March, April and May was more water than an average year. The six dams cannot be allowed to overflow so the water must be moved through they system. We are in a cycle of wetter weather and the causes of that are another discussion, but I don't know what else the Corps could have done differently. Paul Hoesing, Ponca, Nebraska


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