LETTER: 'In the name of decency ...'

LETTER: 'In the name of decency ...'

Letters to the Editor

One image will remain burned in my memory for the rest of my life. And, with the current state of global affairs, that may not be long for me or for anyone else who inhabits this planet. It is a recently released photograph featuring our nation’s first lady cradling an infant survivor of the horrific massacre in El Paso. The child's parents perished shielding him. Standing nearby is the president of the United States Donald Trump, showing a wide toothy smile and defiantly displaying a thumbs up. This cannot be termed “fake news” as he is actually posing for this shot. He behaved with more dignity when he visited the Queen of England. But then, of course, he was then in the company of royalty, something he aspires to become.

In the name of human decency, what will it take for Trump's ardent adorers, many proclaiming a faith in God, to see him for what he is? If that child is allowed to grow to maturity, how will he perceive this photo op? How will our heirs, if indeed we have any, see it? What will they think of us as a people? In The Donald’s frequent refrain, “We’ll wait and see.” However, I fear that we cannot wait that long. Joan Wendl Thomas, Le Mars, Iowa


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