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Imagine, for a moment, that President Obama had canceled a state visit to Denmark because the Danish prime minister refused to sell him Greenland. Or if he had announced that he was very seriously considering ending birthright citizenship? Or if he doggedly continued to escalate a trade war with China which was clearly having a worldwide economic ripple effect? Or if Obama had "hereby ordered" businesses out of China - via Twitter? Or if Obama had announced he was planning to host the next G7 summit at one of his struggling resort properties which would earn him tremendous personal profit? Or if it came to light that on more than one occasion, the former president had seriously inquired about dropping nuclear bombs into hurricanes to stop them? Or if he had claimed – without evidence – that Google had somehow manipulated up to 16 million votes in the election he won by losing the popular vote? What if Obama had said that Jews who vote for Republicans showed "great disloyalty"?

Let there be no doubt: If the former president had done any one of those things during his two terms in office, the GOP would (rightly) have had him ridden out of town on a rail.

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Yet what I listed above was just one week of the Donald Trump presidency. This is becoming our new normal. Is it any wonder why we’re all so exhausted?

To put it plainly, the president is mentally unfit. He is temperamentally unqualified. He is clearly unwell. Any attempt to muddy the waters by making a case that somehow “both sides” are to blame is at this point nakedly done in bad faith. Matthew J. Austin, Orange City, Iowa

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