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President Trump insults our allies, like Great Britain, where he is no longer welcome. Insults Gold families, Hispanics and other minorities, his opponents and women. Claims protestors of white supremacy bear equal guilt with the racists, gives largest tax breaks to the most wealthy, takes health care from the most vulnerable, and is downsizing national monuments. Brags about harassing women and openly supports a candidate accused of sexual misconduct (involving, in some alleged cases, minor girls) because he would be better than any Democrat. Now he plans on raising the debt that our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have to pay off. This does not seem to be a good plan to “make America great again."

This is not about Republican or Democrat. It is about common decency and about having our leader behave like the president of the United States of America - the greatest nation on earth - should. Maybe it is time we reconsider our priorities and the definition of “great” and vote accordingly.

It is too late for 2016, but not for the future. God bless the United States of America. - Paul Roisen, Sioux City

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