Letters to the Editor

I so enjoyed Jim Wharton's Regulars column of Aug. 11 in which he expresses his love of newspapers. I, too, have a love of newspapers, probably because I grew up in a family that enjoyed three daily papers - the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Mason City Globe Gazette, and the Albert Lea, Minnesota, Tribune -- all delivered to our doorstep every day. Along with the dailies, our post office box provided the Blue Earth Post biweekly and my hometown paper, The Kiester Courier, weekly, which my sister and her husband edited for 50 years, followed by my niece for another 20.

As a young teenager I loved going door to door collecting "locals" for the Courier and often helped fold newspapers into the wee hours on Wednesday nights when the folder broke down (which happened frequently). My memories of the type cases, the old linotype and the huge hand-fed press are all good ones. I went off to college hoping to major in journalism, only to find the closest thing I could find to it at a liberal arts college was English.

Love for newspapers spanned another generation, when my granddaughter became a writer for the Wall Street Journal several years ago. Although I am not a fan of their editorial page, I love receiving the WSJ each day along with the Sioux City Journal, of which I have been a faithful reader for over 50 years. What could possibly be a better way to start the day than sitting down in the morning with a cup of coffee and two good newspapers?

Newspapers are closing down all across the country. We here in Sioux City are very fortunate to have a prize-winning paper still part of our city. Keep up the great work, Editor Bruce Miller, writers, and other employees of The Journal, and thanks for a job well done. Ona Iverson, Sioux City

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