Letters to the Editor

I have heard the term "racist" too many times these days. In most cases if a person didn't agree with you, you were a "white supremacist" or, even worse, a "Nazi." Now if they don't agree with you, they denounce you with cries of "racist." Let's get past this and have a meaningful dialog.

We are all products of immigration, with the exception of the American Indians (360 tribes in America). My paternal grandfather was born in England and came to America when he was four years old. My maternal great-grandmother came to America by herself from Sweden when she was eighteen years old. During these times, it was common to see ethnic enclaves in all major cities and some small towns. For example, Pella is a Dutch community. New Ulm, Minnesota, is a German community.

As a student of genealogy, the attempt to maintain ethnicity is not necessarily bad, but is necessary for survival in a new culture. Let's celebrate our differences, but in the final analysis let's celebrate America. It is the land of the free. African Americans, British Americans, Dutch Americans, Swedish Americans, Norwegian Americans, Somali Americans, etc. I think that 500 nationalities are represented in the United States of America. My challenge to everyone is: in the final analysis, we are all Americans and we love our country, which has given us all of the opportunities in the world.

Let our diversity be our strength and not our weakness. May God bless America. Brian Redshaw, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa

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