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In January of this year, The Sioux City Journal reported that the Iowa Board of Education issued a report in which no Sioux City school received the highest rating of Exceptional, only one was High Performing, one Commendable, nine were acceptable, three Need Improvement, and three received the lowest rating of Priority. (Three of the schools couldn’t be rated because they are too new.)

With this as background, the brain trust at The Journal came up with a list of six questions for this week’s series of school board candidate Q&As. None of the questions directly addresses the fundamental issue of teaching the kids.

If The Journal can’t come up with one, here’s a sample school board candidate question: What are you going to do to ensure that every child who attends one of our schools achieves at the highest academic level possible?

Come on. Let’s get with the program. - Michael Welsh, Sioux City


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