LETTER: 'Longtime Iowa Republican voter' supports full Ukraine probe

LETTER: 'Longtime Iowa Republican voter' supports full Ukraine probe

Letters to the Editor

I’ve always believed in the following fundamental, conservative principles and the traditions our country was founded upon: The Constitution. The rule of law.

But how can I hold up the president as an example for them?

This is a man who appears to have no regard for the rule of law, leverages our country’s foreign policy power for his own gain, and apparently seeks to undermine the integrity of our elections. Beyond that, he attacks anyone who doesn’t follow his bidding. The president's conduct has diminished the country’s international standing and weakened national security. And there is no end in sight.

That is why, even as a longtime Iowa Republican voter, I believe Congress has a responsibility to carry out a full investigation into the Ukraine debacle. We need to hear from every witness, read every document, and find every bit of evidence so we can hold the president accountable for his actions, whatever the outcome may be.

To do anything less will compromise our morals and our nation’s future. I hope Republicans in Congress will show the courage it takes to do the right thing by putting aside partisan politics, standing up to the president, and standing by America. Robert Donaghu, Sioux City


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