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The writer of the Tuesday Mini Editorial challenged someone to explain the banning of high-powered guns from the American populous as benefit for all.

The wisdom of the founding fathers never intended that guns were primarily for squirrels, pheasants and lions. Guns were guaranteed to the people to fend off tyrants. Very few Americans, especially the young, see this benefit of the U.S. Constitution because they have never been oppressed by such. The founding fathers clearly knew the depraved nature of humanity to enslave, deprive, rule over and control other peoples and countries. They understood European and world history because they experienced it.

So back to the USA today.

Would our government be any different today if all our citizens were defenseless? Disarmed citizens are easy prey for power-hungry rulers and their military.

The Tuesday Mini was obviously rooted in the horrific Florida school massacre. As said in another Letter to the Editor on Tuesday, heavy guns must be kept from the hands of unstable, nihilistic citizens. So true, but once all the guns are gone or in government hands, the unstable, nihilistic folk will use knives, arsenic in a cafeteria, bio-virals, cars and bomb-laden 18-wheelers like in Europe and the Middle East. Banning all the options for a madman is ludicrous.

Obviously, we have a serious national problem with depraved, nihilistic citizens bent on killing their kind. God Almighty, who made us all, gave us 10 commandments and a rule book, called the Holy Scriptures. Clearly, we have chucked that long ago and are paying the price. May God help us. - Lee Feenstra, Hull, Iowa


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